Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday's 'solitude'.

The Dawn Patroller has gone off to Edinburgh this weekend.  The RSPB Bird Fair.  Also seeing daughters 1,2 and 4 and 1's two sons.

I am not quite alone as I have Min and Sith.  Who suddenly decided to declare open warfare this afternoon. 

Prior to that bust up, I went off to our favourite furniture shop.  
After all the looping of wires here there and everywhere we had the SKY box and DVD brought down to floor level.  Now the t.v. is higher up the chimney breast to allow for wood burning stove and a shelf to deflect the heat, so that the t.v. dont melt, the boxes which were above t.v. I would not have been able to reach.  But we needed somewhere, other than the floor, to house them.

So this is it.  It matches our occasional tables so I was well pleased.  (Despite the sales lady showing me 'entertainment units' costing three times as much.)

Down the shed for the afternoon I finished off the Oyster Catcher, which I have to admit, I am well pleased with.

Then an amble round the garden in the early evening.

The Clematis we bought last year is flowering.

Rogersii getting bigger.

Paeony getting bigger.

Lilac almost ready to cut and bring in the house.

And Ladies Mantle flourishing.

Indoors lots of fresh new growth also.

And me -?  A time to reflect, be inspired, and a quiet time to figure things out.

The DP is back tomorrow, thank goodness, back to earth.  I'll have to share the wine.....


BadPenny said...

Just look at Sith's face ! (murder in mind !)
I always find the term "occasional tables" funny. Love seeing rain drops caught in Ladies Mantle & your Oyster catcher is delightful.

Anonymous said...

I like your wee table/cabinet, it looks perfect. And those peonies and lilacs are going to be splendid! I'm one of those people who stands on tiptoe, pulling my neighbours' lilac branches down to my nose - I just love the smell of them so much.

I planted a lilac in our garden when we came here 10 years ago but it has never blossomed. I think it doesn't get enough sun. :-( We have the same clematis and it, on the other hand, is rampant and full of blooms at this time of year.

It's so nice you've had some time to reflect and be peaceful - and good that the DP is not going to be gone for too long!

justjill said...

Yes Penny, one does wonder what the tables are on other occasions! Well sometimes I sit on one, and sometimes I stand on one - when I am in the singing mode. But most times its to put the occasional glass of wine on.