Sunday, 20 May 2012

Be afraid... be very afraid

Of a woman with a paint brush.

A beautiful sunny, still morning.  I had said if it were so I would paint the man shed.  So I did.

Having some paint left I did the top of the table.

And with still some more paint left I did the birds dining table.

But even I cannot paint like Mother Nature.


Anonymous said...

The weather was fab, wasn't it? It's good to get outdoor jobs done, I love how you kept going til the paint was used up! :)

Mum said...

Close - close!
Love from Mum

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Maybe not like Mother Nature, but definitely like some kind of painting dervish! Good job Jill :D

BadPenny said...

That's a never ending paint tin ! lovely colour & lucky birds.

Lynn said...

Good job Mike was away - though I guess painted duck egg blue too he would have matched his shed - lol!
Happy painting.

Anonymous said...

Goodness me you put the fine weather to good use! I love that shade of blue. Well done!