Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fit Like?

Interpretation - How are you? - Literal - What like?

Well I have spent the last two and a bit days entertaining yet more family, albeit from 'the other side'  i.e. the Dawn Patrollers side.  His brother and his wife.  The DP cooked a beautiful Duck Cassoulet and I am getting 'the look' as I am not sitting down eating it.

The following day they all went off to Troup Head which is the biggest on shore Gannetry.

In my opinion Gannets are one of the most beautiful sea birds.

Do you remember the word 'necking' from your youth?  Which was later usurped by the word 'snogging' and probably the term nowadays is so rude I cant print it.  Well these two are necking in the true sense of the word.  

Or I believe it is called 'Displaying' in the bird world.

Hoping to do a painting of this but my attempts at white birds, white anything has not met with success.

Later in the day they visited the Scottish Lighthouse Museum, which I have described before.  (also viewed my art display in the cafe there.)  

I had spent the morning at the Art Group but my over indulgence in red wine the previous evening (plus my desire for peace and quiet )  led me to chill out in the shed for the afternoon.  Plus I dont walk and I dont like heights.  

In the evening we went to The Tufted Duck for a meal.  This is the most godawful photograph.  But oh so typical of the natives.  The brown blinds in the frames of wood are hiding the North Sea.  I do despair.  This is the only hotel/restaurant around here that has views of the sea and what do they do?  Hide it.

Fortunately, last night, the blinds were up and we had a view of the sea as we ate.

We came home to this..... beautiful sunset.  What else do you expect in the Land of the Big Sky.

Fit Like?


BadPenny said...

Blimey I thought that sunset was a forest fire !
Why is visitor from the other side holding her head ? Is the DP about to say, "one for the Blog?" ?
Never had duck cassulet - only had duck once.

Mum said...

Now, now, I thought you'd given yourself a good talking to about your wine! I'm all for a bit of chilling out. The sunset is beautiful, almost as if the trees are on fire.
Love from Mum