Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Still alive!

The day did not start well.  My carer due at 10 a.m. no sign.  10.30.  A carer appeared and said she had been factored in for 10.30 and the 'office' should have phoned me.  Well no, they didn't.  Hey ho.  I am now washed from head to toe, moisturised and dressed.  Although I am now undressed, in jim jams, as the day is nearly over.  But I am still clean.

I took myself off to the Prom.

A fine day.  The car park was packed.  I had to drive round twice and then got a parking space for a blue badge holder.  Out of the car and walked.  Not many people on the beach so the cafe must be doing well.

Lots of sea birds.  

The Gull Gang.

As soon as I get a group like this I want to paint them.

Small boat heading for home.  There were more but I was chatting to a tourist.....

Back home.  Swallows and House Martins swooping across the garden and lining up.

The Stove man came.  Apparently when cleaning the flue some had been left lodged on a ledge?  This then fell.  After we lit the stove and caused all the smoke.  All been cleared now.  Hmmm.  So He lit the stove and it was fine.  This evening we lit the stove and it has been okay.  Fingers crossed.  And obviously he will be more careful next time.  I have yet to light the one in the Shedudio, but there are no ledges there.

Dinner time for us and the garden birds.  We had Chilli.  We did not have to fight over it either.

Still alive!


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Glad you're still breathing
Your birds look so well fed, lovely photos.

Chris said...

Nice to see your optimistic side, Jill! Chilli sounds delish - wish someone would come and cook me some. Here we spell it "chili" but I'm sure it's the same thing, lots of spice, tomatoes and beans.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Glad you had a better day and stove now working. That little group is just waiting for you to paint it!

Bovey Belle said...

Our Juvenile Swallows are still here - thought they'd gone when I didn't see them yesterday, and wouldn't have blamed them as it was so wet and cold the day before. Their parents went off 3rd week of August.

I bet that Chilli hit the spot. We had Sausage casserole with spicy mixed beans, leek, courgette, tomatoes, lentils etc in it.

Jean said...

Glad you are still alive and able to get out. I do enjoy your photos.