Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sundays ups and downs.

The Prom of course.  I drove but we both went.

Fraserburgh Lifeboat returning home to the harbour.  So fast they go.  They had been out towards Peterhead as reports of an upturned Rib (Rigid Inflatable Boat) had overturned and people in the water.  They had gone about halfway and as far as Rattray Lighthouse when they heard the Coastguard had rescued them all.  So turned back.  When you dial 999 here and are asked which emergency service you require, if its in the sea you ask for the Coastguard.

A lot of Surfers.  I think they were part of the Surfing Rescue lot, who actually are never there, only when on a training exercise, or teaching others.

Quite a few people up Tiger Hill.  Strictly speaking you aint supposed to do this as it damages the Dune.

Sanderling out in force.  We counted 16 but sure there were more.  Such a bonny bird.

The DP counting the Sanderling.

The Beautiful Sea.

Later when we were finishing our evening meal I noticed there was smoke in the house.  Woodburner not lit yet.  Smoke is not good for my lungs.  I asked the DP to check the oven.  And yes it was still on with the pan inside that had had cheese, bacon, toasties on.  Every room downstairs was hazy.  He will kill me one day.  He said he would try harder next time.  All the windows, all the doors and the fan on before I could safely breathe, hey ho.

Now the ups.

I have six Grandchildren, this is the only Granddaughter.  Here thanking her teachers as she passed her next belt at Karate Club in Lincoln.  

And my daughter, her Mum who also passed hers.

My Seventh grandchild is due next month, no idea of the sex.

It doesnt matter I am proud of all my kids and their offspring.  Although it is beginning to be a dynasty!


wherethejourneytakesme said...

Good job you were not near our garden today - lot of smoke! Did your daughter give the teachers such wonderful hugs!!

justjill said...

My daughter asked 'I wonder at what age she will stop hugging people to say thankyou'! I expect it will be when she is a teenager. Altho my Granddaughter is a really special person.

Chris said...

Did the DP mean he will try harder to kill you or not to kill you next time?

vic said...

Oh she looks like a real honey.

Glorious Needlework and life said...

I love the way those birds walk. Too funny. Hope your lungs have a good week.

Jackie said...

I could look at your pictures of the sea for hours.

Congratulations to your granddaughter and daughter on getting their new belts.

God bless.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Congratulations to both!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good Hugging!
Wonder why Sanderling are always in a rush?

Bovey Belle said...

I can't take smoke either, so you have my sympathies.

Now, something I was sceptical about when I saw an advert for a special Himalayan Salt Pot to help asthmatics on a Facebook advert. I wasn't prepared to fork out any money, so instead I bought a bag of Coarse Himalayan Salt for £1 from Tiger, a shop in town, and have been sniffing that a couple of times a day for 5 mins or so (discovered you're meant to do it for 20 mins 3 times a day). It is meant to help those with COPD also. Like sea air, I am guessing. I can remember reading that people who visited salt mines, had breathing improvements. As you know, I have severe chronic asthma and yet this little regime HAS genuinely made a difference - it's reduced inflammation (no longer coughing up gunk) and peak flow is improved and my lungs feel clear. You may well be sceptical too, but I wonder if it might help you a little, just to breath more freely, like sea air does?

Jean said...

Ah your granddaughter seems so loving. The sea is beautiful. i would like to walk beside the sea more often.

mamasmercantile said...

What a delight to see the video, she is obviously excited. What a joy. Another Grandchild you are certainly blessed.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your grand daughter is such a cutie. She looks so excited about getting her next belt.

I have asthma and any little bit of smoke caused by cooking, or even making toast in the toaster, or microwaving anything that has the package coating to help the food brown or get crispy bothers me somewhat in the day time, but at night time when my asthma is always worse, can cause a major problem for me.

Unfortunately, my husband is always craving something that makes that little bit of smoke as a night time snack. I suppose that he can't imagine how it feels for such a minor amount of smoke to cause such problems for me at night when it is not as bad during the day. I've lost count of how many times he has made toast late night, and I have spent the rest of the night over using my asthma inhaler.

Does the sea air help your asthma? Can you believe that I have never seen an ocean!? I'm in the Midwest USA. There have been a few times that we planned on taking a vacation in one of our coastal states, but then something always happened and
we never got to go.