Sunday, 8 September 2019


Extremely tiring walking up the Prom with blustery wind in your face.

This was me having one of many breathing control exercises leaning on the railings.  I came back to the car a lot quicker as the wind was on my back!

Fishing boats going out and coming in.

Surfers sitting.

Our beautiful beach and sea.

The lovely Oystercatchers by the rocks below the caravan park.

Back home and having our dinner.  The Combine Harvester commences to harvest in the field at the rear of our house.

The plant is cut and the grain gathered and then shot into the trailer alongside.  The straw is gathered later by a tractor with a baler behind it which bales up the straw.  

So soon we will have our neighbours child zooming up and down the cut field on his quad bike the sound of which I find most annoying.....As I do our other neighbour mowing his lawn day after day after day.

Tomorrow our two wood burners flues are to be cleaned and we will be all set up for winter.  

Life goes on.


Chris said...

Had to laugh at your one neighbour annoying you with mowing his lawn. I have 5 in close proximity but luckily we have had a very dry summer so there hasn't been much grass to cut! When it's hot and I have the windows closed, I really can't hear them.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

The oystercatchers look like a group of grumpy birds. Nice photos.
The Prom is a beautiful place.

vic said...

I hate the noise of lawn mowers too. Here most of the people who live around me don't mow their own lawns----they have a lawn service come in and do it. It is true the with the big mowers and several people working all the time it doesn't take too long. BUT the lawn service of course does the efficient thing (for them) and mows several lawns in the same vicinity on the same day. So you have four lawns being mowed for an hour and a half. The mowers are huge (and noisy!) and then the finisher comes along with his grass blower (with a big backpack to power it) and blows the grass off of the driveway and sidewalk---and blows and blows and blows. So noisy!

Whatever happened to the nice little neighborhood boy who came (only when you called him-----not in August when things are as dry as the desert but it's their day and come they will!) and mowed your yard with a normal sized lawn mower?

Personally I think that if you are going to have a lawn you yourself should be responsible for the upkeep of it----barring physical limitations!

Sorry on my soapbox again. One of my pet peeves! Couldn't resist!