Monday, 16 September 2019


Not much different to any other day when you are retired!

It is a shopping day.  When the wine gets replenished!  So a good day.

To the Prom.

Still breezy.  But fine in the sunshine.  I walked.  I probably do almost a quarter of a mile at the moment there and back.  I would like to extend this but it depends a lot on the wind which can be tiring battling against it.

The Sanderlings were present.  This one was looking at me!  They may be getting me back to the drawing board.  I love black and white birds as many of you know.

To give you an idea of their size.  Pied Wagtail?  Familiar with that?  Same size.  Tiny.  But delightful.  I was chatting to a tourist today and pointed them out to her.  What do they eat she asked.  I was stumped.  Probably anything at the shore edge.

The DP was shopping this morning. Our Butchers and Tesco.

This afternoon it was getting Sith Cat's medication from the vet.  He has a daily Steroid, Blue Liver Pill and this time the drops on neck  for worms and fleas.  Now £80+ lighter.  Does he appreciate this? NO.  The Steroid is mashed into his breakfast - fine.  The Blue Pill I administer.  Most days I aim it for his throat and am successful but there are some days when I come away bleeding.  Or he spits it out.  He gets it either way.  My sole purpose on earth is to pill the cat.

One of us has to survive.

Successes of the day I have emailed the consultants secretary for a 'what is happening now?'  And I filled in online the tortuous form for booking Dalrymple Hall for next years Art Exhibition.  So now I have nothing to worry about.


Bovey Belle said...

Sanderlings are smaller than I thought then. Quite diddy really. Lovely photo.

I had to smile at your sole purpose being to Pill The Cat!!

I hope you get some useful feedback from your Consultant now.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Such a cute bird - I hope you are tempted to paint one. I never know what the day is normally now I am not workng but here at the caravan I really don't know.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

You are brave giving a cat a pill.