Sunday, 29 September 2019


On my own.  The DP away to photograph the local fun run.  The two words do not go together for me....

I managed to put cream cheese on a ryvita and peel a banana - that was lunch.  Put the walker in the car and drove to the Prom.

In hindsight its time for the winter coat and boots.  

High tide and the spray from the waves was wetting the lower Prom.

Small boats heading back into the harbour.  Note all the Cormorants on the harbour wall!

Tiger Hill, our biggest sand dune.

Another wee boat and more Cormorants.

Bit of progress on the painting front.  This is down the Shedudio and am proud to say I managed to fill up the bird feeders outside.

Still lots of work to do on this one. 

DP returned and has made the tea.  All well.


Bovey Belle said...

I bet you were glad to see him home. It must be very difficult for you when every little job is hard work.

I have been really struggling today - ate the wrong things again (like yesterday) and my lungs felt quite poorly. I have been sniffing the Himalayan salt this evening, as even taking my Fostair inhaler didn't ease things. I shall be good tomorrow - no sausages, no Pistachio nuts and nothing high in histamines.

Jean said...

I love your painting. It seems early in the year for boots but have started wearing a coat and covered shoes. I expect it is colder in your part of the world.

Chris said...

The sea looks quite rough in your photos - shades of things to come?

wherethejourneytakesme said...

That is a very striking picture you're doing. Is the background one of those cling filmy things you do? Your talk of ryvita, cream cheese and a banana has made me hungry for a bedtime snack.
Those caravans are very close to the sea - there are some near the Mull below us just like that and they got badly flooded a couple of years ago - everyone's outside storage bins were just floating down the main road through the caravan park!

vic said...

Oh my, I could use some of your cool weather. It's supposed to get up to 91F tomorrow here in the midwest and there was three to four feet of snow in the northwest mountains yesterday, Weird weather all around for nearly October!

Jackie said...

We actually had snow this morning. I think winter is here and my heavier coat will be staying out.

Hope you are doing well and the bruise healing nicely.

God bless.

crafty cat corner said...

Hares are looking good. Still warm down here, wishing for a bit of cold, fed up with the warm now, lol

Laurie said...

Your photos are wonderful as always as is your painting, I’m so glad you’re feeling better, take care my friend,

Linda said...

I have read your postings for a long time but have never commented
Wanted to say I love love love this artwork