Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Just breathing.

Lots of stops today to control my breathing.  So tiring.  But here I am in the cool of the evening, though the stove is lit!

We went to the Prom.  Very breezy.  At one point the chariot was blown over.

Our beautiful clear, clean sea.

Small boat checking the Lobster Pots.  Or trunks as they are called here.

Bigger fishing boat from Buckie.  The things on the side are to protect the sides when they haul in a net.

The schools are back now and we are into the Silver Surfers Tourists.

A first for me.  This is a Dunlin, a small wader.  Very difficult to spot.

Tonight's Sunset at the rear of the house and the Moonrise at the front.

My foot wifie visited this afternoon so I now have lovely feet.  Well not really!

Have a good night all.  


wherethejourneytakesme said...

Calm and sunny here, we were in the garden all day. Forecast rain all day tomorrow so are having a trip up the coast to visit the Scottish relatives whilst we are here in Scotland. The Dunlin is a cute little thing - I can see why they are hard to spot.
Hope you can breathe easier tomorrow.

Jackie said...

Cold, rainy and windy here in Saskatchewan. Glad you managed to control your breathing.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to read your breathing is not good, hoping you get some relief soon. Its blowing a gale here too.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Well, I didn't know lobster pots were called trunks up your way.
The Dunlin was a good spot amongst all the seaweed.
Nice morning here so far today - Hope you have a good easy breathing day

Jean said...

That was good to see the Dunlin. I love the sunset picture.