Monday, 9 September 2019

Bit of a disaster.

We went to the Prom.  I walked.  

My favourite sea birds.  Oystercatchers on the beach.

Weather was fine.  No rain, bit of a wind, cool.

Gull Gang.

Lots of Gulls on the sea.

Back home and the stove mannie came to clean out the Sitting room and Shedudio stoves.  He advised us to light the house stove as he had reaffixed the seal and that set the glue used.
So in the evening the DP lit the stove.  It quickly became apparent that the smoke was not going up the flue.  He managed to remove the contents of the stove and we then sat for some time with every door and window open, me with my head stuck out as smoke does not work with my lungs, or what remains of them, until all smell of smoke had gone.

The stove mannie is coming back tomorrow.  Bit of a disaster.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

Hope he can sort it - not a good day for the breathing then!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

How awful! I hope y'all are all right.

Jackie said...

I do hope that the problem is an easy fix. Glad that the weather was good enough for you to be able to open all the doors and windows.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Oh no, NOT what you needed.
I spent part of yesterday trying to track down new fire bricks for my woodburner ready for when the sweep comes next month, two are cracked and he said he would replace them when he swept . He said he'd had 30 phone requests yesterday - the sudden cold has caught us all out.

Bovey Belle said...

My sympathies and I know exactly where you are coming from over smoke (I was very bad after getting a double lungfull when we were trying to smoke out the bees earlier in the year). Hope the stove is sorted soon.

Mary said...

Definitely not what you needed. We had a similar incident some years ago. The seal wasn't set properly after the chimney sweep had come and on a bitterly cold night, the carbon monoxide detector went off at 1 am. I was the only one who heard it and ran around waking everyone and making sure no one had been overcome. With temps around -15, I had to throw open the all the windows. Finally, threw the detector out on the lawn as it would not stop screeching. Memorable night for all the wrong reasons.

Hope your stove is fixed promptly and properly today.

mamasmercantile said...

Not good, hope you managed to get the issue sorted.