Sunday, 1 September 2019

Light bulb moment aka taking control.

Today I took myself off to the Prom.  I was concerned that I was beginning to rely too much on the DP.  We have had lots of rain today.  So I did a detour to Tesco and bought a bottle of my favourite wine.  When I came out the rain had stopped.  So to the Prom.

Tiger Hill our biggest sand dune.

The very wet Prom.

Kessock Burns new carving.

Skurries - just chatting.

So I did all that on my own.  What surprised me was I felt like a new Woman.  Invigorated.

I can still do things.  Without support.

Later I laughed at this Wood Pigeon having fun in our not so state of the art bird bath.

Then the Sunset.  An Aurora forecast for tonight... Aren't we lucky.  Although the DP says its not dark enough - yet.


Chris said...

Your confidence is returning. Well done, you!

vic said...

How wonderful to feel like a new woman. Hardy ever happens for me at least. Maybe it was the bottle of wine? I'll have to try that!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Great photos bird bath bird!
Looks like he got into your wine and had a good time

Sue in Suffolk said...

When the said on the weather forecast yesterday that people up north would see the lights last night I though "lucky Jill" so I hope you did see them

Bovey Belle said...

Well done. Glad that you took back the reins of control (and indeed felt well enough to do so). I bet you had the Prom to yourself yesterday!!

Lyssa Medana said...

Time to remind yourself how awesome you are!

Jackie said...

Well done, a bit of independence is always a welcome thing.

God bless.

Rosie said...

I am so pleased that you have got your confidence back and are venturing out again on your own. It is good to be an independent woman! After a major operation I wasn't able to drive for a while and then when I was allowed to I had lost my confidence and my independence. I hope you continue to enjoy the Prom and I love your photos as each day is different there.