Saturday, 21 April 2018


Get this one out of the way.  It was the cat.  Morpheus.  
Imagine shouting that of the back door.  
It was a quick death.  He had had a good life.  But my poor child.  Grief.   
In one way it is good one knows what happened.  I have had cats disappear and never known why.

Right.  We are having this wonderful weather.  It is the weekend and it is good that everyone heads to the beach.

Who would not!?

But for me I prefer it when there are Gulls on the beach not people.  

More grump. I do not like adverts on the television.  I tape what I want to watch so I can whizz through the ads.  Tonight, switched on, and the sky effort said it had a problem, well that took about an hour to sort out and the only way was to allow it to delete everything I had taped, or had programmed in to tape.  It then worked.  But this evening I had to watch something with advertisements.......

What a load of rubbish.

Tomorrow I must not be grumpy, I have a small person visiting along with his Mum and Dad for a few days.

Bucket and spade sorted so we will be joining the hordes on the beach.


crafty cat corner said...

You are not grumpy, just sensible and remembering when things were normal. lol
We hate the ads as well and tape to avoid them, not that there is much to tape anyway, notice I said tape, my kids are always telling me off because of course its not taping any more is it?
So sad about the cat. I am paranoid when I can't get my cats in for just half an hour, we are out shouting for them.
Enjoy the weather, Tom is very, very tired with the heat, are you like this?

justjill said...

Briony we never get it that warm up here. So what heat we are getting I am enjoying, and breathing easier. I hope Tom gets sorted. Not many good days but recently a few.x

Terra said...

What a cute small person who will be visiting you, and keeping you in smiles. No grumpiness possible.

Chris said...

Is it one of your grandkids who is visiting? I love having my grandkids for a sleepover but am equally glad when they leave the next day!

Nethergreen said...

I so, so wish I lived as near to the sea as you do. I always hoped that I would retire to the coast but, alas, I am still inland. My very aged and frail parents live by the coast, so it is a pleasure visiting them. I get my beachside walks on my monthly visits to them (it's not that they are neglected the other weeks; my brother and sisters also visit on a weekly rotation ). I hope the summer treats you well. Frances in Australia

kjsutcliffe said...

I've had cats just vanish too, you never quite get over wondering what happened. Adverts about me too, not just on the tv but I have just been looking up a recipe and the amount of adverts that pop up on the page, it is a blog, that I have deleted it. I am fed up with them.