Sunday, 1 April 2018


Not an Easter Egg in sight.  Here is the last of the videos til I get to do them properly.

This is intended to show you what I see from my work station. Hmm.

Weather has been wonderful.  Still cold but lots of sunshine.

I managed a morning walk.  Difficult for me as I need the loo a lot in the morning...... 

The sun was sparkling on the water.

Faithlie was the name of our town before the Fraser clan took over and renamed it Fraserburgh.  This is a fishing boat 'Awa on the hunt.'

I then had to hot foot it back home, have lunch and be back on duty for Open Shedudio day 3.  Well - I carried on painting.

My portrayal of Dyson Pheasant.  Well one cannot better nature.....

Or with the Grey Seal, Barnacle Bill. Habitue of our harbour.

No visitors.  One despairs.  A new approach possibly?  Any ideas?

Answers to questions.  Some of my paintings are framed.  Yes they are done professionally, hence the higher price.  The others are all professionally mounted, and cellophane wrapped.  At the moment the latter are all half price.  If you visit my facebook page, Buchan Birds and Beasts you can see some of the mounted ones.  P&p is extra.  There is 20% off the framed ones but as these have glass on and framed I am not comfortable with posting them.  The mounted ones are fine for posting.  All are original watercolour or pen and ink.  Anything else you want to know just ask.

Happy Easter. and "chag kasher v'same'ach" 


Lyssa Medana said...

That looks such an amazing space, a real workroom but with real beauty

Mary Bolton said...

I greatly enjoyed the tour from my armchair in Massachusetts. Your work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing

kjsutcliffe said...

Loving your pheasant and totally sympathise with no visitors. We are finding that our visitor numbers and commissions have all dropped too. The last 'artisan market' we attended to was beyond pitiful.
Some of the stall holders had a chat midway through the day and there were a few common threads ...
*People don't want to spend money on a luxury item when money is about to get tight/already tight.
*People with the money to spare are of the age when they have already bought the art/pictures and don't have the need or the want to buy more.
*That the younger generations that are setting up homes prefer to purchase huge prints from the likes of Primark/TKMax etc. which are cheap. Modern.

when people spoke to me they said things like .... lovely work but my mother/wife/daughter/husband/I make that/paint/feltmake etc.
Those that did not do any other above, after saying how nice everything was, asked for a quick lesson (free) there and then.

One lady came up and said ... my husband is dead (umm how are you meant to respond over a table full of felted items and paintings?)
She continued - my husband is dead and all his life collected modern american art ..which I hate .. how do I sell the stuff? Otherwise I shall just throw it away....

It was not one of my better days...

DUTA said...

Your video is quite good!
Love your wish in hebrew; it's perfectly written.
Have a happy Easter and Spring!

rusty duck said...

Dyson is captured perfectly! Ptolemy approves.
I wish we had some of your sunshine. It is miserable down here. Cold and wet. Enjoy it.