Thursday, 5 April 2018

Getting a grip.

Lovely sunny day, although still that nip in the air and a cold wind.

Walked a bit further today.  Although not as far as I used to, but getting there.  Getting a grip as the weather improves....

This boat was lurking/manoeuvring in the bay.  Its a rescue boat of some sort, must find out, get a grip.

The Gull Gang were gathering.  Mainly Herring Gulls.

And a Surfer, who did surprisingly well to say there wasnt much surf.  Getting a grip.

Now its my turn to get a grip.  I must sort out my many paintings and work out how and what to sell, give, raffle.  To make room for more.

I do have periods when the mojo to paint disappears.  But it doesnt last long.  I do want to do something different.  I want to clear the decks.  So I need to get a grip.

I also need to get a grip on the demands of my time from elsewhere .  It becomes more difficult to go places, to apply my brain to what is asked of me.  Along my road in life I have had physical effects as a result of not being able to handle stress.  At least I now recognise when that is looming and so I must get  a grip.  There you go!  On with it.


Anonymous said...

it amazes me the surfers in that cold water!!!
I understand your wanting to clear the decks,, and I think it good you realize when things are creeping in on you,, maybe that comes to us at our age,, I think I'm better at knowing when to back off and slow down,, I am not a people person, I hate crowds, I'm a person that would be pleased to never have to go into a shopping mall ever again. I like my own company and the company of a select few others but not many,, from my brain injury if more than one person is talking I become deaf,, if music is playing and someone puts on tv I can't hear anything,, so crowds really upset me, when i was taking commissions and selling my work I was at times a crazy woman trying to keep up with things,, very stressful, I understand and admire your ability to know when to change things up!

justjill said...

Thank you so much Laurie. You really understand!

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending hugs about the stress. I totally get that, especially from the times I wasn't allowed to write. I hope it works out for you LM x

Jean. said...

What a beautiful scene in your first photograph. I don't live near the coast but when I visit and see sand, blue sky and sea, smell the air and hear the gulls, my heart lifts and I never want it to end.
I won't go into detail like laurie, but I do, really do understand how you feel some days. There are times when life gets on top of us and times when we need to be alone and lose ourselves in our art, or a day on a beautiful beach, even if it is bracing.

lynney62 said...

Wonderful blog post today, as always. But I especially love the comment by "laurie; because it truly hits a tone with me....Somehow, now that I'm older, I prefer my own company so much more than the company of many other people...I don't really know why that is...I just know it is....So I embrace it and enjoy this quiet stressfree time in my life.

DUTA said...

Beautiful boat! The red of the boat breaks the dominant blue of the sky and sea, and the white color of the surf and gulls - and makes for a blessed change of scenery.