Wednesday, 11 April 2018


That is how I am feeling. Bleurgh.

But I went out after lunch.  It was breezy, but a bit sunny.  And I needed the sea air.

I left the car and walked the short walk to the railings, which I held on to, because of the wind coming from the sea.  Which was very rough.  As can be seen from the fishing boat coming in to the harbour.

Troughs and swells, this was going down.  

Plenty Gulls.  But I really could not walk nearer and returned to the car.  Felt better mentally if not physically.

Mamasmercantile blog person asked me about steroids.  I hate them.  They caused my cataracts accelerated clouding, and my bones to begin to crumble.  When I queried being prescribed them again I was told they work together with antibiotics better.  I am in a Catch 22 situation, the nurse also said.  I replied, "Well I never did hear of anyone dying from crumbling bones, but not being able to breathe ....."  The nurse said, "You have a great attitude."  Sometimes I wish I did not have a great attitude.  Not much of it around tonight.  Oh yes, the other thing is I wake up on steroids, all through the night.......I will let you know tomorrow.  Bleurgh.


Anonymous said...

you have the spirit of a warrior!!

Rosie said...

You are going through a very rough patch! I hope your rough patch soon gets mended and you feel better. I love your art work and hope it helps to make you feel less "bleurgh". Our weather here in Aus. is opposite to yours, we are still getting very high temps for this time of year, it should be autumn now, but its still summer and I'm ready for some rain.