Thursday, 12 April 2018


Managed the Prom again.  Still windy, though not as cold and sunny.

The sea still being rough...

Incoming tide and the sun sparkling on the waves.

Skurries (Herring Gulls) enjoying the wind under their wings.

My wonderful DP has done the shopping, supermarket, local butcher.  Been to our insurance broker and paid for the House insurance and contents, done my washing, made a banana cake, cooked the dinner and is now away to his AGM of the photographic society.  He is a star.  He is also back on his Dawn Patrolling and took this photograph.

Lambing big time!

Back home.

The Siskins are back in our garden.

A male (black head) and two females.

Health wise, I only woke up three times last night and went back to sleep.  Improvement on last lot of steroids.  I am still eating.  Which in the past infections I haven't.  So looking good.

Well if I cross my eyes.


Susan Heather said...

It is good that you have such a wonderful man in your life. We all need one of those. (I'm lucky as I have one as well).

crafty cat corner said...

Keep trucking, you'll get there. Hope you feel better soon.