Sunday, 29 April 2018

What larks!

The DP was off to the Loch of Strathbeg bird watching.  So after lunch I managed to put the chariot into the car and off to the Esplanade.  (Brochers insist it is the Prom but there is a large sign saying ESPLANADE.)

Superb weather.  Not cold, no wind and sunshine.  Now into my Parka coat, unlined and slip on canvas shoes.  No hat, no gloves - great.

It being Sunday and a fair few walkers, with dogs or kids, so Gull gang way out to sea.

The tide was high so once that had receded I am sure they did come in to the Kessock Burn for a drink of fresh water, though they do drink sea water, and a wash and brush up.

On my way home I somehow managed to become part of the Buchan Vintage Tractor Road Run.  Every year this takes place and all done for charities.

10 mph.  So I managed to take these two photos with the camera and my left hand.  Probably worse than using a mobile phone but I was watching the road!

Eventually they turned off to the right, I then went to the crossroads, turned right.  Belting down the road they appeared again on my right....  But I was waved on, managed to get home to alert the DP, who I think managed to photograph the lot, passing our house, over a 100!  No I wont bore you with them.

So down into the shedudio and some replies to comments.  Bath Backus asked about the Harvest Mouse and having to pay to use the photo.  The small canvases I have been offering for sale at £12.  Canvases are cheap, bit of cost in preparation for using watercolour and you have to varnish to protect as they are not under glass.  But yes I shall be pricing this one at £30 and see what happens.

Chris Elliot.  I have a tin of Caran D'ache Watercolour pencils, had them for ages.  Never been shown what to do with them though there is plenty advice on the internet, I prefer to have a bash myself and see what happens.  You can draw, then wet, or dip the pencil into water and then draw.  I need to do a lot more practising but so far have really enjoyed doing something new and experimenting.  If you put a mark on paper then you can become an artist!

Rosemary.  Here are some mounted paintings.

Mounts enhance do they not.  Having a painting mounted does not cost a lot.

I then wrap them in florists cellophane to protect them from finger marks etc.  Most exhibitions have a browser, or studios -I have three browsers!

This one is wrapped in cellophane, hence the shiny reflections.

Frames cost more.  But make the whole thing more permanent.  I choose white frames as that is what I want in my home, its neutral so when you are selling would go in any setting.  If they do not sell they are enjoyed hanging in my home or shedudio.

I do hope that this year I manage to sell some, and provide for raffles as I am becoming rather swamped.  But can't stop painting or drawing.  What larks.


Chris said...

Thanks for your suggestions re: the watercolour pencils, Jill. I will see if I can find some.

mamasmercantile said...

The mounted paintings are a delight, amazing the difference.

crafty cat corner said...

Guess you are feeling better, the nicer weather helps. Down here it has been pouring with rain all night and all today, not good.
Love the finished little mouse.