Friday, 20 April 2018

Sunshine and sadness.

Another glorious weather day.  Keep waiting for the thunderbolts.

Rarely is the sea this flat calm.  Mill Pond.

Gull Gang .

Fishing boat away on the hunt.

Lots of smelly seaweed.  Tiger Hill is the name of the big sand dune.  

I did not consider it to be that warm......

A day of sunshine and warmth.  But tinged with sadness.

My youngest child has two cats.  Morpheus has had a fair few problems of late and has been on medication.  Struggles to breathe.  He disappeared on Wednesday.  So what chances do you think of him being run over, killed and his body taken to the vet that he has been treated at?  We think his breathing problems led to confusion, it was quite a distance from home he was found.  So we have closure.  Still to be finally confirmed but it seems so.  So sad.


Anonymous said...

oh I am so sorry to hear,, its a strange habit of cats when they know theyre dying they will slip away, under sheds, under beds, bushes,, its their way, but it makes it so hard for us who love them. My condolences to you all, we just lost our old cat, 23 years old he was, we still miss him,, the heart lingers but so do the good memories,,

Terra said...

Oh dear, poor little kitty and his human family. Not confirmed though.

Jean. said...

So very sorry to hear that, it's heartbreaking when we lose our beloved pets. It's heartbreaking enough when it happens and you are with them, but like this.... Also worrying at this time of year is them being accidentally shut in sheds, the heat outside can also make them ill. My heart goes out to the sweet kitty and those who love him.

Chris said...

We will continue to outlive our pets as their life span is so much shorter than ours. The queen is seemingly devastated by the death of her last corgi, Willow. Having said that, my daughter had a guinea pig that lived to be 12 years old which is about 100 in human years!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame, poor thing.

crafty cat corner said...

First the weather is gorgeous down here, in fact it's a little too hot for us, today we are not going out having been exhausted yesterday from sitting int he sun for an hour, how sad, lol
I think the pussy probably just wandered off to die, I've heard this before but such a worry, still glad you may have found him.