Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Where is the septic tank inspection chamber?

Well sadly its under there.

One more day to finished.  Which might now be extended as we realised the paving although impressive now conceals the inspection chamber.  Access is necessary as we may need to clear a blockage.....

Here is the paving being delivered.  Our lane was totally blocked.

Paving ready to be laid out on the lawn.  New Patio outside the kitchen door.  Path linking to the path down to the Shedudio.

Heading off to the right is the bit that is going to have to come up so we can access the septic tank inspection hole.  Well, not us but the drain people.

Patio outside the dining room.  Which joins up with the new sloping path from the Shedudio patio.  Bit like the left leg is connected to the ... thigh hear the word of the Lord.  Silly song.

Beautiful warm day I was able to open both patio doors in the Shedudio, listen to the bird song.  And visualise how the garden is going to be.  Accessible bits so far.

We had an escape.  Too much dust from paving stones being cut.

No coat, well I had my new pink jacket on as I need a pocket for the camera.  No hat or gloves.  Remembered not to touch the railings.  I have sanitiser in the car to use after every trip out.

Hoping to get down the Shedudio tomorrow and do some painting.  All these Gull photos are asking to be painted.

Latest challenge in the daily sketch is feet and hands.  May well be a lot of bird feet in there.


Ellen D. said...

Yes, I think those birds come to pose for you everyday! and look at the lovely blue sky. Your patios and paths are looking so nice and it will be wonderful for you to get around your yard. Good job!

Angela said...

Better to find out now about the septic access, rather than when it is blocked! Looking after your self and DP is VERY important. Keep up the Vitamin Sea!
Angela, Australia

Bovey Belle said...

Well, 2steps forward and one back but it's looking good and by the weekend you won't know yourself!

I just KNEW you would have to paint some/all of those gull photos - love the compositions and browns and reflections in the water, the last one especially.

Laurie said...

Oh no,, they covered the access! That’s a shame,, but fixable ,, beautiful photos today and yes those gulls are very paintable! You do such a beautiful job of them all!

hart said...

Going to be a beautiful new path.

mamasmercantile said...

That last photo would make a great painting. The paths are looking amazing, shame about blocking the septic tank cover but at least it is been corrected. The paving is lovely.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Whoops! We have four concrete manhole covers in our garden for waste water collected from the nearby houses (but funnily enough not ours!) to feed into the main drains out in the road. This means we would have the upheaval of having the covers removed if our neighbours blocked any of these drains. We always know when they have a bath if we are sat in our garden!
Paths are looking good though and will be so much better for you to get about. x

Jules said...

It will be such a relief for you to have better access to the garden. X