Sunday, 31 May 2020


I do not like the heat.  Never have.  There I said it.  Now I will shut up.

I went down to the Shedudio.  Opened doors and windows.

The Herring Gulls progress.  Enjoying this one.  

Out in the garden flowers are blooming.  As are the weeds.

If it is a bit cooler the next few days my aim is to do some garden sorting.  What a mess.  Much as I have tried I have found no-one who will do gardening other than cut grass.  The DP says thistles are good for wild life.  One or two maybe......

We went to the Prom.  On the sea were noisy and smelly jet skis.

One small boat.

The Gull Gang were there for a while but the Jet Skis chased them off.

I did not walk.

The Prom was heaving.  I got to the railings took a few photos and then thought no way.  Very little social distancing.  Could be as it is Sunday there were so many people.

I shall march up and down my paths tomorrow.  But I need the sea air.  So a trip to see what I can see.  I had the car window down today and took lungfuls.  Well - 26%,  Thats all  I have!  


The Weaver of Grass said...

I am sure you get a lot of benefit from that sea air. But make the most of the warm weather because there is cold air coming down from the North by Wednesday.

Chris said...

I love your peony. Mine is very late this year and only a couple of buds.

Betty said...

Why wasn't the dawn patroller at home resting his foot instead of going to the "prom"?

Laurie said...

I hope it’s a cooler day tomorrow for you,, the painting is coming along beautifully!

Casey said...

My mom says I grow weeds better than anyone. I like weeds, even look for their uses for wildlife, so I dont feel so bad letting them go now and then. Lots of nice color out there in your garden.

mamasmercantile said...

The students returning home from university here will do garden work, painting fences and such. Maybe put an advert in a local shop, hope that helps!

Tigger said...

That garden looks great. Enjoy it as it is - particularly that red peonie rose. The gulls are progressing well too - we are enjoying the pictures of it growing.