Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Wednesday - Windy - again.

Thought I would show you what I stop and watch and listen to on my walk on the Prom.

The view today of the Prom and town in the background.  Behind the caravans and fish processing factories is the harbour.

Back home I managed the Shedudio and sorted some more art stuff to bring up to the house.  It was warm in there today as the sun was shining.

Plenty birds to watch.

Back up to the house and in my temporary drawing place, the dining room.  I scribbled a Coal Tit using pens and watercolour pens.  Hope to keep this up!

Finished the steroids today.  Still a few antibiotics to take.  Then I shall have to phone the surgery for replacements.  I am avoiding people again and places where there are people.  Have you noticed us oldies with underlying health problems there is no real advice for us??  

Hey ho see you tomorrow.


lynney62 said...

Hello...I live in the US, in a small rural town (Carlinville) in Illinois...I love your blog and read it everyday....I love the sea, the boats, all the sea birds. Also I am a great "cat lover"...could I ask a favor? Would you post a pic of Sithcat sometime? Would love to see how he is doing. Thank you!! :)

Chris said...

Thanks for the video of the sea. I could almost smell the briny air! Are the fish processing factories still operating? I have vivid memories of holidays in Arbroath where the smell from the Smokies permeated the air.

crafty cat corner said...

Glad you mentioned the 'no advice', I'm with you on this.
Tried to get a certain drug that the ipf site says is good for the cough and dr reluctant to prescribe it, given codeine, no use at all. Give up sometimes it seems as though the 'knowledgeable one's are all chocolate teapots.
Glad you are back to your drawing, sure it must make you feel a lot better.