Wednesday, 25 March 2020


I am driving the DP mad.  I keep reading conflicting stuff re the Coronavirus.  I should stay away from this computer!

Our daily exercise at the Prom.  2 metre distancing from anyone else although there were not many.

The car park today.  And one car is mine.  A few cyclists zoomed past and shouted 'Fit like?'  Which is 'Alright?' in any other language but Doric.

We had a chat to two other couples, who we knew, at a great distance, good job I had my hearing aids in.


Turnstones having a bath.

Me going up and back down the path.  Not another soul.

Still waiting to be instructed on what I should be doing re self shielding.  We are attempting an online shop.  Which is causing the DP some considerable stress.  I am to find out if the chemist will deliver.  Our butcher will.  Whole new world.  Apparently we can get a home testing kit.  Then what?


Laurie said...

Good question, then what? Take care,,

Anonymous said...

Where I live (in Wiltshire) groups of volunteers have been organised everywhere who will do shopping and collect prescriptions etc for people who are self isolating. Do you have a local facebook page for your area - there might be information on there? Or try contacting your local council. I hope you manage to find some help. Nicola

SusanM said...

In my town, we have a group of volunteers and food bank set up by the church and locals. They are offering to pick up prescriptions, shop, walk dogs, deliver food from the food bank (no referral required). Is there a fish van which comes near you? They often have eggs, bread etc. We are shielding too and looking at ways to get fresh supplies. I am going to look into click and collect which I believe Asda and Tesco do, which would save going into stores. Any farm shops or local butcher/greengrocer which do veggie boxes? Best of luck. I know how hard this is going to be for vulnerable people.

Chris said...

Glad you are still able to get to the prom. Hope your trips there continue. Stay safe!