Sunday, 1 March 2020

March already.

Love to watch the boats big and small.

Gulls and Oystercatchers.

People enjoying the beach.

A mixture of Mute Swans and Whooper on the small pond up the road.

I got the bag and a new hat!

Arlene if I could I would make a simple breakfast.  However I do like toast and toasters and oxygen do not mix.  Everything I do is a struggle as I have about 20% lung function.  Comments like yours are extremely upsetting to me, highlighting my limitations which I can assure you are not from choice.


Beacee said...

That hat looks very cozy - just what's needed with the current weather.
Pink is not my colour, but I must admit I was tempted by a rather pretty pair of pink shoes in the Cottontraders shop at the motorway services. x

Jean. said...

Good for you Jill, look forward to you modelling your pink pieces for us, they all look lovely. I know supermarkets sell clothes, but I never think of going there. I must go and have a look round, it's time I treated myself to some new outfits.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jill - the hat and bag look great. I am very sorry that other comments have understandably distressed you. I think you are amazing

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I always enjoy the beautiful photographs of the sea, the beach, and the boats. It looks like the air would be so fresh there.

I don't know what comments may have been made about toast and toasters, but I have learned quite a bit that I never thought of from what you have written about the difficulties and possible risks when one uses an oxygen device. I would never have thought about the necessity of using oil free skin and makeup products, and it not being safe to use a toaster.

My dear mother in law died from ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis and was on oxygen for a year or so before she succumbed to the disease. Having learned what I have from your posts, I don't think any of us were as educated about the dangers using oxygen. I remember I was worried at the time when a birthday was celebrated while we all sat around the table, including my mother in law, with a cake just full of lit birthday candles. I guess I should have said something at the time. My sweet mother in law always loved to have a candle lit table with a lit candle at each end and one in the middle long before she ever became sick. I never cared for the candles because they bothered my asthma, but I never gave it any thought that that was probably a dangerous situation, too. I know she wouldn't have done any of the candles, had she known or been told about the dangers.
Can your husband make toast for you if you are in a completely different room? Just curious, and wondering how many times my mother in law may have taken that risk.

Jackie said...

That hat looks so very cozy. There seems to be a few more people enjoying the beach.

God bless.

crafty cat corner said...

People can be very hurtful without realising it Jill can't they?
Tom looks so well and so people think there is nothing wrong with him. Even our own kids don't realise as they are not with him all of the time. I see how he struggles to keep going and admire him so much.
You are a wonderful example of how to keep going through adversity, I for one think you are great.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

That is a decent sized bag - you go girl! Sod the ignorant and the thoughtless, for they are exactly that, ignorant or thoughtless, you know your limitations and your super powers - so just be you and enjoy!

PS on the super power theme - you could keep your cape and mask in that bag and do the 'wonder woman thang' on the prom should you feel the urge.... (shall I stop now? lol )