Friday, 6 March 2020

Another Sunny Day.

We are so lucky.  Seeing the sun in the morning lifts the spirits so.  Then my lovely carer came.  Poor girl having romance problems.  Hope I made her feel better.

She didnt have to wash my hair as this afternoon the hairdresser visited.  Another lovely girl.

This was after the Prom visit.

Boats going out and coming in.

Masses of Gulls on the shore.

And out on the sea.

No wind, sunny still cold.

Later the DP went and bought some bottles of milk from our butcher.  They had sold out of the first delivery!

Fortunately Sith Cat does not like milk.

Mrs Great Spotted Woodpecker visited.  The DP is sorting out all our bird feeders as the days grow longer.  Outside the dining room is back into play as it is light enough to see as we eat our evening meal.

The only speck on the horizon is that I have another chest infection so back on antibiotics and steroids.  Can't win em all.


Laurie said...

Sounds like a very good day! Springs coming!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Sorry to hear of the chest infection again - you must get so fed up with them. I smiled at your cat not liking milk! We stopped getting bottled milk here a long time ago - it used to come from the small farm up the road that bottled their own but we had issues with the state of their bottles. Once or twice they smelt of old floorcloths or then over disinfected and we kept having to throw the milk away as it left an undesirable taste to it. The farmer shot himself a few years ago (nothing to do with the milk I might add!) so we have no-one deliver bottled milk round here now and have to rely on the supermarkets.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Hair looking good and yes, sunshine does wonders for one's mood 😊

Bovey Belle said...

Good photo of the GSW. I bet you felt good after having your hair done. We cheat here - I cut my husband's hair and he cuts the bits of mine I can't reach. It gets hot tonged under so any uneven bits get hidden!

Glad you got some sunshine, and hope your chest infection is soon sorted.

Beacee said...

Hope the antibiotics do their job quickly.
Love, prayers and a hug x