Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Carrying on.

My carer came today and washed me head to toe.  And made me laugh.  Best medicine.

We made it to the Prom.

Fishing Boats little and large.

Gulls on the shore.

I got out of the car, and to the railings and breathed.  Good, clean sea air.

I didnt walk.  I just became calm.

The DP is concerned he will bring in the Coronavirus to me.  He went online to do the shopping but the slots available were way in the distance.  We discovered that Tesco, among others, offer an early morning slot of going to the supermarket when only over 65s are allowed in and there is an abundance of staff to help.  My main worry is one isn't allowed to buy alcohol at that time!!  So he is to go tomorrow morning.  It is Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  One of the daughters lives in Lincoln and has a slot booked for next week and she can put an order in for us and have it delivered free.  So thats plan B.

So helpless I feel.

Our new friendly window cleaner came and cleaned all the windows, including the shedudio.  Very reasonable.  £15.00 and he comes every two weeks.  He kept a 6 foot distance between us.  I paid doing a bank transfer so no contact.

These photos taken through clean windows!  The DP is moaning he now will have to clean inside.

Many places now closed including Dalrymple Hall where we have our art group meetings.  Also the Photographic Society place is now shut so the Thursday evenings are on hold.  Life is narrowing and social gatherings are out.  I cannot have friends visit.  Social Worker not doing my 6 monthly care package update as not essential.  

So just carrying on.

Doing battle with a dog.  Pen and ink.  Might just have a tootle down to the Shedudio and get out the paints tomorrow.  

Carrying on.


Laurie said...

It’s so good to hear your spirits up, must have been the giggling you had,, it’s a great cure all👍

Mary Bolton said...

Here's a note from across "the pond". My hubby says use the technology. Spending my time sewing, cleaning & sorting fabric. So glad you are getting out to your prom!