Sunday, 15 March 2020

And breathe.

Dr Catherine Calderwood insisted over-70s would not be asked to isolate themselves unless they were ill.
She said people in the higher risk age group might typically be expected to reduce social contact by about 75%.  No more Bingo and Pubbing it, not that I ever did!

So glad I live in Scotland.  We are not following Boris.

Really enjoyed our jaunt to the Prom.

Small boat and Cormorants by the Golden Horn.

Some Gulls.  Blackheaded Gull.

Today's Dog with large ball.

Blue skies.

Walked further.  I am now in training for running away should I again be threatened with incarceration.

Today's sketch in pen and ink Mute Swan.  Watercolour to be added tomorrow.

Our new neighbours.  Lots of lambs to come.

A visit from a member of the Oxygen team in the morning.  


Jean said...

I should think walking by the sea is healthy and will blow away the germs.

Chris said...

As long as you can keep taking your daily outing to the prom.

Anonymous said...

I quite like your pen and ink mute swan just as it is! Do keep up with your walks along the sea, they seem to perk you up so very much!

Laurie said...

You made me smile when you said you’re training to run away lol, sorry , but I just had a mental image of you and I trying to run away lol,, I guess I could carry you on my back ( I’m blind but quite tall with strong legs ) and you could give directions where to run lol,, oh my gosh,, where will this all end,