Friday, 13 March 2020

False Alarm.

Apologies and thanks for lovely comments but it has been decided the DP has a cold.  Nothing more.  Although the hunt is still on for a thermometer.  Like loo rolls apparently.

My children have decided it not worth the risk of travelling up here at Easter.  We had booked the large house we had last year.  But they are conscious of me being at risk.  Part of me says seeing my kids and grandkids is worth a risk.  But...

I had my carer here this morning and explained re the DP.  She said it wasn't a problem as she never saw him and he stays upstairs while she is here.  

So after lunch we went to the Prom for fresh air and sunshine.  All recommended.  

The sea was wild from the overnight winds.

Doesn't put the surfers off!

I met a lovely Scottie Dog.

And walked a bit further.

Back home and to the drawing board.

A Lapwing or Peewit.

I was asked for news on Sith cat.  He is still here.

Whenever possible he sleeps where I do.

Not on his blanket!  Once I am in bed he lies up my back.

The DP holds him in a towel every morning while I administer 1/2 a steroid for his asthma.  And a blue pill for his liver function.  Seems to be working.  He eats like a horse.  And occasionally charges across the garden.  So still a quality of life.  In the evening he is on the DP'S knee while we watch t.v.

I don't think we stand much chance with Boris's stance or non stance with the Corona virus.  Unlike other countries we are nowhere near getting on top of it.

All non urgent surgery etc cancelled.  I hope they cancel my bp check.  Starving till 11 a.m. in a surgery full of people aiming to give me yet another chest infection does not appeal.

Stay safe and keep smiling.


Jean said...

Glad the DP is ok and you got to the prom. Sea air is best thing to blow germs away.

The Weaver of Grass said...

That last sentence says all that needs saying Jill.

Bovey Belle said...

That's a relief that the DP "just" has a cold (I hope you don't get it). My daughter had to go to the GP yesterday - first, screening by phone to deem if an appt. was necessary, then down to the surgery which was only open to people who HAD to see the Dr - no ingrowing toenails or that sort of thing. I think most GP's surgeries are operating on the same lines so you may find not many people in the waiting room if your bp check goes ahead.

Jackie said...

I am glad that it was just a cold your DP had.

What a cute Scottie!!

Sith cat seems very contented.

God bless.