Monday, 2 March 2020


Tired today.  No idea why really but I am.

Still the Prom.  Another beautiful day.  Cold but sunny.

I walked.

We had coffee afterwards at the Dunes.

Then home and I made it down to the Shedudio.  The DP is setting up my new tablet so I can paint from it.

Day made for me by a Long Tailed Tit visit.

Tired but happy.


Angela said...

Tired but happy is good.
I admire your posiivity and determination.
I try and take your example do more.
I have a blood cancer so tiredness happens, but I could make a better effort on the 'good' days.
Good luck to you and the DP, and I hope you both enjoy your outings.

Bovey Belle said...

Tired but happy is good, I agree.

Enjoy the sunshine. I am hoping we will have lots of it tomorrow as I have outside painting to do (another viewing on Friday).

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Last weekend while we were out walking we spotted some long tailed tits sheltering in a hawthorn hedge - was delighted to see them - you are so lucky to have them visiting your garden :)

Ellen D. said...

You should be tired, Jill. You have been a busy woman - the Prom, and shopping and your Shedudio. Good for you getting back to your routine and challenging yourself! Well done! I never grow tired of your pictures at the Prom.

SusanM said...

Beautiful photos as always. I had hoped to go to the beach at the weekend but didn't manage so I really appreciate your photos. When life gets difficult, I dream of sitting on a NE Scottish beach with a flask and sandwiches, watching the waves and the birds. Let's hope that the weather improving and the longer days helps with your tiredness.

Amanda said...

Last trip to Europe, one of the highlights was seeing a long-tailed tit in a flowering fruit tree at the B&B we were staying at in Rathmines(Dublin). I was amazed how tiny the thing was. Also got to hear a blackbird singing that evening. What a treat!

Beacee said...

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Love and a hug x

Jackie said...

I always admire your photos.

God bless.