Thursday, 12 March 2020

Isolation oh dear.

First the Prom.

Lots of boat activity today.

Very high tide.

Sea splashing well high.

I walked further today.  The path I call the Path of Doom as I never could make it, but then I did, and hope to do so again!

Different views.

Back home some bird watching and painting.  Female pheasant and a Nuthatch.

This evening was the DP's Photographic Society.  A difficult decision was made.  A dry continuous cough for some days.  He gave his apologies.  Following the governments advice he is now self isolating.  Now we have the problem of shopping and most important my prescription for repeat antibiotics and steroids.  Fortunately a good friend has volunteered.  My carer tomorrow I shall inform but as long as she does not go anywhere near the DP which she never does then its up to her whether she comes in or not.  

We should be able to still visit the Prom as it is important to still get sunlight, if there is any.  Plus exercise and fresh air.  Easy not to get close to anyone there too.

We will take each day as it comes.  Monday I am to be visited by a member of the Oxygen team.  Wednesday I am due a starvation b.p. check at the surgery.  Quite happy to cancel that as my appointment is for 11 a.m.  Starving til then does not appeal.

Of course I am the one at risk with my underlying health problems.  Hey ho.  


The Weaver of Grass said...

Such a worry for so many people. I suppose at 87 I fall into that bracket too - but what will be will be.

Beacee said...

Oh dear! I do hope this is a false alarm, but I suppose better safe than sorry. Love and prayers for you both. x

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Well done with the path of doom and hope DP feels better soon x

Terra said...

I hope the DP is well soon, it is good he is self quarantining as a precaution.

Gail, northern California said...

So very happy to see you conquer the Path of Doom. Equally happy to see you painting again!

Anonymous said...

I would inform the care company before your carer arrives. So that she could be given protective gown mask etc. She is visiting other people. She may have to isolate at home to prevent transfer to other vulnerable clients.Lynnie

Bovey Belle said...

Well done with walking further.

I hope that the DP just has a cough and not the dreaded Coronavirus. That is not a good career path for either of you.