Friday, 16 February 2018

Socialising can be very tiring.

For some time now I have been avoiding going out for coffee, lunch, meeting people.  During the flu season I would have been stupid had I gone into cafes, shops, whatever as the sound of the nurse saying "Just do not get a chest infection" rang in my ears.  So apart from my daily walks in the clean, fresh, sea air I have not been anywhere.  Even avoided shops.  Now that is a sacrifice.

Our friends run the Dunes Golf Centre.  Also the very popular cafe.  It was time to return.  If I get a chest infection now it is not going to prevent the cataract operation, now done.

Lovely to be welcomed back.  So chatting away to our friends and the lovely waitresses was so pleasurable. 

While we were sitting having our meal I espied with my new bionic eye, masses of birds in the field.

Curlews!  Even the DP was impressed with my spotting of them.  Although when I first saw them coming in to land I thought they were crows.  The sun was behind them - ok!

 After which I went for my walk, while the DP went off home to do more domestic things.

The tide was just on the turn, not enough beach for the sea birds to land.

Ah, the Lone Surfer waits for the surf.

Back into the Shedudio.  Out of my comfort zone doing a landscape....

The woodburner was behaving so well I had to remove clothing.

The Pheasants battling still.

Right, back to Socialising can be tiring.. I am totally shattered.  So much so I am here doing the blog, waiting til its time for the eye drops and then bed.  The DP reminds me I need to breathe to talk.  And there is the problem!  Hey ho.


Chris said...

Jill, I think you need to make the acquaintance of the lone surfer as you feature him so often in your posts. I presume it's the same one each time. The partridge painting is coming along well.

crafty cat corner said...

Couldn't agree with your more on the socialisint thing, I am more of a loner. I love my family but having to make chit chat is wearing for me.
The landscape is coming along nicely and I love the Pheasants.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

Once upon a time we heated with a wood burning stove and my job was to start the fire. And frequently it "took off" leaving us feeling like we were being baked alive. We solved that problem by switching to a propane heater with a lovely knob to turn on and off.

DUTA said...

You're right. Socializing can be very tiring and energy depleting. Elderly people are often encouraged to socialize to prevent loneliness and depression. It's individual. Most people don't feel like spending their remaining years on encounter with other people. They develop hobbies that perfectly suit their life style.

Terra said...

Socializing can be tiring for sure, but we miss it when we don't. I like your DP's clever comment.

Gail, northern California said...

So happy to hear you wore yourself out socializing. What a lovely way to tire. You should sleep well tonight.

BadPenny said...

You do sound tited, hope you sleep well and stay away from bugs xx