Monday, 12 February 2018

Back to normal - nearly.

Back on the Prom.  The DP drove me down. Google said not to drive on the first day.  I obeyed.  I found my sunglasses from the last cataract op.  Just a clear lens but dark.  That really helps as one's 'new' eye does not like bright lights. In fact any light.

When I first came home yesterday and had my last set of glasses on I covered up the 'old'eye and then frightened myself to death as I could not see anything through the new eye.  Then I realised the glasses were set up to aid a very bad eye, without much success, but now I had the new eye they wouldnt work at all.  So once I took the glasses off, hope you are with me so far, I could see!!  What relief.  I had panic thinking I would have to go through it all again as the operation had not worked, but of course it has.  As the hours go by the two eye are adjusting to each other and my sight is continuing to improve.  Phew.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful comments and support, you have kept me sane.  I will try very hard not to be so stupid, silly and hysterical in the future!!

I was desperate to get down to the sea today as tomorrow's weather forecast is dire.  I doubt I will be down there tomorrow.  Wind, rain turning into snow and as cold as is now.  

The Surfers were down too.

Plus a small contingent of the Gull Gang.

A few days ago we had an exciting new comer to our garden birds.

Well, two actually.  A pair of Grey Partridges.  Who flew off into the barley field behind.

I didnt see them today but saw lots of other more usual garden birds.  And tried my hand at painting a bit to see if I could.

I have lots more to try including the Grey Partridges.  

I have two different eye drops to take four times a day.  My plastic shield has to go back on at night.  Opticians in 6 weeks time.  All good.  Finally I can do a big sigh of relief as I now will get better every day.  Thank you all again for supporting me.  I know there are people far worse off than I, I hope I can do my bit to support when it is needed. Dont we all.


Chris said...

Things are looking up for you, Jill! Love the photo of the partridges.

Terra said...

Yay for your sigh of relief at good results. We bloggers are a supportive community aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are back to your normal routine even if it's just for today until the weather improves.

Joan (Devon)

Marjorie said...

I am glad the eye is on the mend and much improved. Please continue to be silly etc as that is part of making you real.

Anonymous said...

you have every right to be nervous having this done,, its a scary uncomfortable thing to go through, I think you handled it wonderfully! I can't imagine how cold that water must be, those surfers must have great wet suits on,, your painting is beautiful,,

Lizziemac said...

Sounds like your op has been a success Jill. That’s great news! And business as usual, promenading, painting, taking photos.....
You have great spirit! x

Sue in Suffolk said...

Lovely to see you getting back to normal.
Very envious of the grey partridges we only have the 'foreign' sort here!
Surfers must have some gene missing I reckon!

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Can quite understand having a wobble when if came to your eyes and really pleased that they seem to be settling down with each other again :) Plenty of inspiration to paint - lucky you seeing the Grey Partridge !

BadPenny said...

Go Jill go, you deserve a glass of red xx