Wednesday, 7 February 2018

More deliveries!

Our stove installer was on site at 9 a.m.  Followed shortly by a huge lorry with the stove.

Here is the slate hearth.  Leaning against the wall is the back plate which is non combustible. Although we can paint it to match the walls?  Won't that make it combustible?  Apparently not.

Tomorrow the hearth will have 'set' so it will be all systems go and the stove and flues will be installed.  The stays which will keep the flue where it should be are not the right ones.  But this will not hold up installation.  I am assured.  And are on a delivery to us as we speak.  There is always something that does not make the path run smooth.....

Our new chair which, yes we are stupid, is Sith cat's replacement chair.  The orange throw he has sat on when on the DP'S knee, to get him used to it.  But no way so far will he voluntarily get on the chair.  Well tough.  He kept me up most of last night coughing and snoozing at the bottom of the bed.  On my feet.  Today I saw him zooming round the garden obviously the steroids had kicked in.  Which is good.  But there is only so far Sith you can push me.....

No walk today.  I went to the hairdressers.  After much discussion about different colours and all the tortures that would involve I am still dark red.  Or purply plum.  As I always have a woolly hat on when out until Spring kicks in, no-one other than you, the DP and Sith, oh,  and the stove installer are aware of this wonderful hair colour.

And yet again I came home with my upper back clothing soaked.  Being 4 feet 10 I somehow cannot get wedged onto the sink, so the water dribbles down...  Is this torture worth it?

All systems go tomorrow.  A ceremonial lighting of stove with red wine at hand is the plan.

I also have to bathe my eyelashes with baby shampoo pre cataract operation.  Twice a day for three days.  Remove my nail varnish, engagement ring.  The only plus is that I will also have to remove my hearing aids so hopefully will not hear the blow by blow description of the operation as it progresses.  " I am now removing your eye lens....."


Lynn said...

Will be thinking of you on Sunday and raising my glass to the new log burner tomorrow,😊

Barbara Anne said...

Wishing you well with your cataract surgery. I had both eyes done late last year and was amazed at how easy and non-stressful both procedures were. They were done a week apart with follow-up appointments the day after each surgery. Eye drops for a month afterwards but that was okay, too.

The strangest thing was going without my rings or earrings. As soon as I got back home, those rings were on and the earrings were in!

Love your jazzy hair color!

Chris said...

Looking forward to seeing your new stove in action. You will be so comfortable in the shedudio once it gets fired up. Poor Sith cat, he obviously needs some time to adjust to the new furniture!

Marjorie said...

Love your new hair colour and Sith's chair. Silly cat. You should tell the hairdresser about your problem with the sink. That is awful. Good luck with the eye surgery.