Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Delivery Day.

Sith cat was off to the vets this morning.  Another jab, antibiotics.  Vet is thinking asthma.  He has steroids to take, pills, for the next few weeks.  I think he has COPD.  It is possible apparently.  And he is on the same medications as me when I have a flare up.  But he is still with us.  A total pain with his very loud miaow, which sounds like , "HELLO!"

First delivery was all the flue bits for the Shedudio woodburner.  I then had to inform our fitter.  He is coming at 9 a.m. tomorrow.  We still await the actual stove.  Promised tomorrow or Thursday.

As I set off to the Prom I was passed by a delivery van which turned out to have the chairs and foot stools.  So second delivery.

Bitterly cold with a stiff breeze.  Not many people, or dogs, so plenty sea birds.

The Kessock Burn latest carving.

Oystercatchers posing.

Blackheaded Gulls.  Ditto.

Back home.

The DP moved some paintings so as to leave a clear space for the woodburner fittings and slate floor.  There will also be a back plate to prevent heat causing combustion thank goodness.  The flue will go through the wall at the back of the stove, when its fitted and then up, up, above the roof.

Our new chairs and footstools in the Dining Room.  As always there is a problem.  Each piece of furniture has four screws to fit legs.  Every piece of the four items would only allow three screws to actually screw in.  So each piece of furniture has a potential wobbly leg.  I have been on the web site of the suppliers.  I can send the whole lot back.  But the DP has already recycled the cardboard boxes they came in.  Tomorrow I will try and speak to a human being and say if they fall apart it is because your screws do not screw..... as there is nowhere on their web site that has this option.  Otherwise the chairs are lovely, just the colour I wanted, and comfortable.  Why me, why me.

We had a dusting of snow very early morning (as in when I got up to go to the loo.)  All gone by 8 a.m. We have Snowdrops and Crocus's flowering.  Let Spring be delivered soon.


Sue in Suffolk said...

Love the colour of the chairs - pain about the screws. we had a few flakes of snow...... looked like feathers

Anonymous said...

I really like those chairs,, the color is amazing,, I'm sorry that Sith is unwell, but with meds he should be ok?

DUTA said...

Enjoy your new lovely acquisitions!
Don't hurry to get rid of receipts and boxes. Sometimes we may need them.

rusty duck said...

Snow all day here but none of it settling. Birds using it as a lever to get more food. Of course it worked.
Those chairs are wonderful, really love the colour! I hope Sith makes a speedy recovery.

Mum said...

The chairs look fabulous.

BadPenny said...

Poor old Sith, wood burner envy xx