Monday, 5 February 2018

Freezing cold - again.

Shock horror for the lungs.  Back to very, very cold.

For some days I have not used the Ventolin, this is an inhaler one is supposed to take say half an hour before going out into coldness.  So that the airways expand ready to be able to breathe in the cold air which will cause the airways to close down.  So somewhat difficult today.  But I did it.

It was BITTERLY cold.  Also a wind.  And no promised sun.

But there were the Gull gang.

Also the Oystercatchers.

And a small fishing boat from Troon!  Long way away, round the other side of Scotland.

I have never, ever seen the car park at the Prom like this before.

Usually it is packed.  People lunching.  Viewing.  Keeping engines running..... 

Back home.

I finished the Coo.

Quite apt as my cataract operation looms.  I checked with the hospital and yes it is this coming Sunday.  And breathe, stay calm.  I want it done.  I want it done.

More on the Pheasant.

And started some Sanderlings, dancing at the waters edge.  Well they will be when I do the waters edge.

Sith cat will be off to the vets tomorrow.  He is coughing again.  There is always something to worry about isnt there.  What with lying down on operating tables and elderly cats coughing.  Off to bed soon.


crafty cat corner said...

The coo is stunning, I love it

Chris said...

Good to hear you so positive. Keep it up! Hope it warms up a bit tomorrow (today when you read this probably).

Anonymous said...

your lungs must be stronger!!! Beautiful photos and paintings and I hope Sith is OK,,

Lynda said...

I do hope all goes well with your op on Sunday.

It will be worth it!
It will be worth it!!


Daisy Debs said...

Wishing it all goes well for you and you'll soon be feeling better . :) x

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

It was very 'fresh' air yesterday, even made me catch my breath when I went down to the studio. Mind you, just looked out and it is snowing now - hmmm really ready for winter to finish and slightly ok ok 'bigly' warmer weather to head our way!