Thursday, 15 February 2018

Out at last.

Sounds as if I have been cooped up for days when it was actually only one!  Today the wind had eased so off I went.

Tide changed again so back to high = no sea birds on the beach.

Fishing boat "Awa on the hunt."

The Surfers entering the North Sea as if it was a warm bath!

Back home.  The stuff we had cleared out was for the charity Children First, and was collected on time.

Me down to the cosy Shedudio.

So impressed with myself.  I worked out how to flip the photograph!  My two Male Pheasants are now facing each other.

Even more impressed with myself I have gone completely out of my comfort zone and have begun a landscape painting.

Doesnt look like much at the moment. But I have high hopes.

I had a pleasant afternoon.  I sat in the warmth of the stove watching the birds feed.  The sun was out, unlike when I walked....

This evening the DP has gone to his Photographic Society meeting.  I had another win with new technology.  I got the new DVD player to work.  I watched the 2 Cellos in concert.  One of the pieces they played was 'Smells like Teen Spirit'  What memories that brought back.  My angst ridden teenagers playing Nirvana non stop.  I quite like it now!


DUTA said...

The surfers entering the sea are quite a sight! Their outfit looks cool; it goes beyond surfing, it's like a fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

I admire the determination of the surfers!! I'm glad you got out today, and I see you did a beautiful job with the painting!!

BadPenny said...

Looking forward to seeing your landscape x

janipi said...

It is so good to get out and enjoy some fresh air. There is so much to see along the shore. :]