Friday, 9 February 2018

Friday. One more day to go.

Managed the walk this afternoon.

Bitterly cold again.  And a wind.  Sun too.  A plus.

Masses of birds on the beach.  Mainly amongst their own .  Clutch of Oystercatchers.

Blackheaded Gulls.  

Herring Gulls enjoying the sun.

Half term has kicked in here.  So lots of kids zooming on scooters.  Ah I remember roller skates.  And hula hoops.  And marbles.

My stove fitter returned today to fit the last stay which will hopefully keep the flue attached to the shedudio.

His wife also came.  She is an artist.  Just beginning.  Attending an art class she was told "You are not ready for that."  This is what she produced.

I think the teacher should go to the back of the class.

I had a similar dismissive art teacher when I started in 2011.  It didnt put me off and I am sure my friend will not be put off either.

My woodburning stove is fan-tastic.  Hope to see my electric bill reduced .  So comfortable in the shedudio.  

Tomorrow I have to cleanse myself.  Top to toe.  Not easy.  I cannot step into a shower, nor sit in a bath.  But I will do it tho it may take some time. .... So far I have removed my engagement ring.  And am bathing my eyes twice a day to rid myself of blethritis.  Which apparently is crusts on the eyelashes. Which to be honest I do not appear to have.  Or eyelashes.

My last glass of wine tonight.  Hopefully some celebratory glass after Sunday.


BadPenny said...

The painting is very pretty. Hope all goes well xx

rusty duck said...

Good luck Jill, will be thinking of you tomorrow x

Marjorie said...

Glad you could support her art work. What is wrong with that art teacher!
Sending you good wishes and quick healing wishes for your surgery tomorrow. Hugs.

Lizzie said...

All the best Jill. x

Jules said...

All the very best. Thinking of you. X

Rosie said...

Thinking of you Jill.