Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Very hot day.  High humidity which really affects my ability to breathe.

First let us look at the videos from last night.

Still they come.  We are so lucky.  

Another wild animal entered the kitchen today.  A very very small mouse.  It just sat.  Looked at us.  No scurrying.  Odd.  The DP went and got a wellie and scooped it up and put it outside.  He did this twice.  I am muttering about we should have a cat again.  Stony silence.

Carer came and cleaned and polished me.

Down the Shedudio and playing.

Enjoying this one.  I still want to get the Beagle done so tomorrow I may have yet another attempt.

Then it was time for the Prom.  I did not need a coat.

Some boats.  There were more but too far away to focus on.  The heat further out just blurs them.

Oystercatchers coming back after breeding.

Not many people.  But enough wandering about to deter the Gull Gang.  The Surf school were gathering as we left.

Yes it is illegal to meet more than 6 people now.  But as many as you like if you are off out to kill the wildlife as that has special exemption from the rule of 6.  Sometimes I wish I were fitter just so I could start a revolution.


Laurie said...

That night cam is giving everyone a lot of pleasure! Your photos are beautiful and the painting looks wonderful. The beagle will come when it’s ready,, one day you’ll sit down and bam, their he will become. Take care,

Jackie said...

Strange rule there.

It looks like the weather is very nice and clear.

God bless.

Ellen D. said...

Wonderful shots of the brightly-colored boats! Love your painting too. Thanks!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes a very apt poster. I love that picture of flying birds. How I envy you uour ability,

Jean said...

I love to hear the badger munching. Your painting is great.

mamasmercantile said...

Like Jean I love to hear the badger munching. Your painting is a delight, you are one talented lady.