Wednesday 30 September 2020

Moving On.

 Every year the Fraserburgh Art Group stage an Art exhibition.  This year it was cancelled as - well we all know why.

So this is what we did together with the Fraserburgh Business Group.

As we engage the community in our Exhibitions something for the kids.

I now have to select up to ten paintings to submit, all fully labelled and priced.  Together with a biography of moi.

The weather today has been horrid.  My friend came this afternoon and we sat in the Shedudio, does that count as a home?  Hope not.  Well over 2 metres apart, we got our sanity fix.

Then to the Prom.

Wet.  I did not walk but managed the railings.

Last night.

Badger and cat!

Two Badgers.

I sometimes worry that I have missed so many check ups.  Blood Pressure.  Lung function.  et al. Not had regular blood test on my liver because I take the bone disintegration preventative tablets.  I dont really know what to do.  Plus the flu jab is coming and we have been told this will not be done at the surgery and we will get a letter - this week actually.  Too much to worry about.  Think positive.  Try to think positive.  I will think positive.  But for now its bed time.

I forgot.  Our neighbour.

Sadly he did not survive.  The neighbourhood will be out on Monday to watch as he goes to his final resting place.


Marjorie said...

Wonderful idea on the art show and including the children's art too. I am so sorry to hear of your neighbour's passing. Hugs.

RunNRose said...

What happened to your neighbor? Covid?
I appreciate your blog. Thank you.

Jackie said...

I am sorry you lost a neighbour.

Those badgers are getting fatter by the day.

God bless.

Tigger's Mum said...

Sorry for you neighbourhood loss. That could apply to the Art Trail too but your alternative sounds a really exciting alternative. Art Trails round where i lived on the other end of your island were always in Spring. The Hayling one in early May was such a nicely contained one that a friend organized an annual gathering of all her female acquaintances to ride bikes around the venues (usually in artists homes and studios, but also in village halls and community centres). She called it Birds on Bikes. At its peak around 40 took part. Eventually the blokes realized they were missing out on something and joined in (she rather unflatteringly, but in the kindest way, called them Buzzards on Bikes). It detered no one. The tour included stops at cafes and tearooms, lunch on the beach, and a fly-by of a rather good ice cream parlour. Much was spent on art and jewelry and many of us had to arrange to return on Day 2 with a car to pick up the purchases too big for the bike basket. I hope your shop window exhibition is well supported.

mamasmercantile said...

So sorry about your neighbour, sincere condolences.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Look forward to seeing which paintings you will choose for display around the town.
Sorry about your neighbour - a good photo - men and tractors always go together.

crafty cat corner said...

When I look back on all the things I have coped with over the years I wonder why little things bother me now. I think its because there are no distractions. Bringing up the family took all my thoughts and energy and now I have time to sit and ponder.
A cobweb here a bit of cleaning that needs doing, is it time to do the banking etc, all these things would have taken a back seat then.
Tom is the same, another old age thing I suspect.

Barbara said...

I am in Scotland too and I think you will find if you check the latest rules that you should not have visitors indoors. In fact it is now an offence and could result in a fine! The best reason to stick to the rule is to protect your own health of course. I always hope for dry weather at weekends so I can meet family outside. Love seeing your photos.

Jean said...

I am sorry about your neighbour. That is great getting the kids involved with the art trail. They'll love it.