Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Trying to move on.

Lovely carer this morning.  Her memories are of Sith cat trying to join us in the bathroom.

Our chatty window cleaner came in the afternoon so I didnt get much art work done!  But he did clean all the windows.

Not a good photo but am adding shading which should show the contours of the body.  Next will be to tone some of the eye candy down!

Then the Prom.

Fishing boat away out.

Gull Gang.  Still lots of people.

Surf School.

Pied Wagtail on the Prom.

Lovely weather.  Sunshine, not much wind and warm.  I walked.  I walk much further as I detour around people!

Just had a heavy downpour of rain.  Of course the DP had been out earlier and watered......


Chris said...

You seem to be managing to maintain your positive outlook on life, Jill. Keep smiling!

Mary Contrary said...

So sorry to hear Sith Cat died - he will not be forgotten x

marlane said...

He he about he rain just after watering, Here we have no rain all summer long so I am constantly worrying and checking plants. We do have an automatic watering system but it comes on too often and I do not know how to reprogram it. Also we pay about $250 every two months for water ( and sewer), one of our biggest expenses. So I manually turn it on and hand water in between.

BethB from Indiana said...

I'm so sorry about Sith Cat. Our pets have such a place in our heart.

Jules said...

I'm glad you managed to get to the prom. X