Thursday, 23 July 2020

Some Progress.

The DP got his phone fixed with a new ring tone of bird song.  On the way home from the Prom it went off.  I am driving.  That's your phone.  
I wondered why the radio suddenly played birds whistling.......  
I despair.

No the oxygen doesn't do batteries.  How the one that you can use when there is a power cut works I know not yet.

I interviewed a new gardener this evening .  Wearing my pyjamas.  I was wearing my pyjamas.

All good.  He weeds.  And knows the difference between a weed and a plant.

The DP had a photographic jaunt this evening and has had to go back as he has lost his wallet.

I leave you with today's Prom photos.

Shielding in Scotland.  I can now see people inside still with the 2 metre gap.  I can cope with that.  My friend is booked.  

I can go to the hairdressers.  She is coming tomorrow.  I shall wear a mask.  As will she.  And I shall be a redhead again.



Chris said...

Hope DP has found his wallet. It is such an inconvenience to replace everything. Can't wait to see your new "look". Photo, please!

Jackie said...

I do hope that DP has found his wallet.

The prom looked empty, but the water was pretty full of surfers. Beautiful photos as usual.

God bless.

mamasmercantile said...

Glad you sorted out the phone and really hope the wallet was found.