Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Old but at least I dont drool.

Sadly SITH cat does.  He also does not smell fragrant.  He asks for food repeatedly.  Is given it.  Asks again, shown the food.  Eats.  Cat Alzheimers?  The telephone consultation didnt work.  So the DP is taking him in Saturday morning for a proper look at by the vet.
He is fast asleep where I sleep so will have to be moved.  The DP managed to weigh him, still a healthy weight.  But we/ I fail at getting the pills down him.  Fingers crossed its something simple.  He is now one of the oldest cats we have cared for at 19.  We got him from the Cat Protection when we moved here although we had brought four with us - and a parrot.

Apart from him its been a good day.  Lovely weather.  I was washed top to tail/toes this morning.  Some new clothes arrived from Seasalt.  Will wear them tomorrow - always lifts ones spirits.

Beach deserted of people.  As was the Prom.

Apart from this Blackheaded Gull who posed prettily.

The sea was busy with boats in and outing to the harbour.

Back home I was painting.

Almost finished.  

Then there was a glorious sunset.

My tasks in the morning are sorting out finances.  What fun - not.  But then there is always the Prom to escape to.  My letter came today spelling out all the what I can do and when.  Like the timetable one had at school!



The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry about the 19 year-old kitty. Love the views. Wow. I confess, I enjoy working on the finances. But we're been working on getting out of debt so that makes it a little extra fun. To watch the numbers go down.

Jackie said...

What a handsome black headed gull. He took a wonderful picture.

Hope Sith cat is okay.

God bless.

Mary Contrary said...

Beautiful sunset! Sorry about Sithcat - we had a cat that lived to be 23 but she was daft as a brush at the end.. hopefully the vet can help.

Bovey Belle said...

Sith is a very good age, and yes, I think that they can get dementia. As long as he is happy and not in pain.

Lovely sunset again.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Poor old Sith cat - 19 for a cat is very very old.

Hope it stays fine for your prom visit today

Jules said...

I hope Sith cat will be OK. X

Laurie said...

I’m glad you’ve had a good day,, our cat behaved in that way when his teeth were bothering him,, he was an elderly cat, they removed the offending teeth and all was well,