Wednesday, 8 July 2020


I had a text message from the Government.  Changes to Shielding Announcement from Nicola at 12.30.  So since then I have been trying to find out what changes.

Jason and the Argonauts came in the morning and shaved the grass.  Looks good.  Apart from them not cutting or strimming under the bird feeding station.

We went to the Prom.  

Not many people on the beach.  In the sea the Surfing School just got bigger.  Lovely to see the kids improving.

Blackheaded Gull. To paint.  Red legs and beak who could resist?

The Gull Gang.

Small boats.

The loos are open again on the Prom.  She who cleans and I had quite an emotional catch up!  She had been furloughed and was quite indignant about it!

Grandson's birthday card.  Its a Tyrannosaurus.  OK.

Progress on the Skurries.

I finally found info on the Shielding update.

From 10 July those shielding will no longer need to physically distance from people they live with.  

Oh............. was not aware of this need to.  Whoops.

they can meet in groups of up to eight people outdoors from two other households in a single day, as long as strict hand hygiene and physical distancing advice is followed.
Those who have been advised to shield will also be able to travel further than 5 miles from their house, book places to stay, such as self-catering accommodation without shared facilities, and use toilets in other people’s houses if they are meeting them outdoors.
Those currently shielding can also form a ‘extended household group’ with one other household – this means that the shielding group can visit one other household indoors and stay overnight without physical distancing.
Well that will take me some time to assimilate.  So I am off to bed.  Goodnight.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

I have lost the plot with all the rules and regulations especially now crossing the border - though we saw very little social distancing going on outside the pub at the top of our lane at the cottage. No one wearing masks here in the shops other than us and it will be mandatory on Friday. However, there are very few people in the shops compared with in Yorkshire. The man who runs the village shop has a very nasty cough - he assured us it was not the virus - lets hope so!!

Bovey Belle said...

Your social changes sound similar to ours Jill.Arena't you glad you no longer have to physically distance from your husband?!!! No - I haven't either . . .

We will carry on much as usual although when we have nice weather we will have a drive out somewhere we miss, and pencil in a trip to the beach.

Wherethejourneytakes me - just popped across to your blog, which I really enjoyed. Gosh, the Scottish garden is going to be a work in progress for quite some time!

Terra said...

That sounds complicated and a bit too far of micromanaging people's lives. I am still being cautious, no groups of people for me yet, here in California. I wear a mask when walking my dog even though I am not near people. Hey that is a cool tyrannosaurus.

Jules said...

I am now completely confused with the regulations now. There are so many mixed messages out there. I'll continue as I was.
Love the T-rex. X

Tigger said...

Loving the dinosaur - clearly and artistic family

Laurie said...

So many rules to remember! We certainly have to be on our toes, take care,

mamasmercantile said...

We got the same text and dutifully sat and watched the announcement. Like you we were confused we can apparently book holiday accommodation and stay away from home but can't visit with our family and stay overnight yet. Very strange.

crafty cat corner said...

I'm sick to death of all this virus stuff, surely it's common sense.
I read of people scared to death of it and wonder why they are persecuting themselves.
We can only be careful and then get on with life.
That's my rant over, lol