Friday, 17 July 2020


Still warm but not too warm.  My carer this morning.  So am now clean and creamed.  S is sister of A so I am beginning to think I have another two children!

We have two Cherry Trees in the front garden absolutely laden with cherries.  My friend and neighbour across the field is supposed to be coming to take them.  She better hurry up as the Blackbirds are having a field day.

The DP was away this morning buying more bird food.  Not as good as cherries tho.

Managed a walk this afternoon.  Not as many people milling about.

Just look at this wee boy showing how its done but not actually going anywhere!

The Beach Cafe is open again.  I quite fancy having a coffee sitting outside.

Perhaps tomorrow.

I did some painting and drawing today but on all fronts have failed to record photographically.

As we ate our evening meal we noticed this Starling has lost a foot.

Managing fine.  Always plenty of food here.

After two days of no liver pill there is quite a difference in SithCat.  Much brighter.  Washing himself.  Brighter eyes.  More 'normal'.  Odd.  We have two more days to observe him before he goes into the vets for the exploratory exam under anaesthetic.  Ever optimistic me.  I just cannot handle stress and want things to be normal again.

Thanks again for your support.  Dont know what I would do without you.


Gail, northern California said...

Sith is so lucky to have you and DP.

crafty cat corner said...

My youngest son had a lesson in paddle boarding and couldn't hardly walk for 2 days, his muscles were killing him.. It looks easy but obviously isn't. lol
Poor little starling, I wonder how he lost his foot.
I like the look of that cafe, if I lived nearer I could join you at a distance.

Mary Contrary said...

I did not know that cherries grew in Scotland! Fingers crossed for Sith Cat’s exam. What is the origin of his name?

marlane said...

Best of luck with Sith.
I am starting a painting of our local scenery here in Southern California on my blog Diary 6 California. I hope that I can pull it off I never know until a painting is finished. Although oils are a lot more forgiving than watercolor.

Jackie said...

Poor Starling. I am glad he can find food at your place.

I picked cherries off my one tree yesterday. Got a whole bowlful, which is a bowlful more than last year. Fooled the birds and netted the two cherry trees.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

That starling is certainly a survivor - very unusual to see.
Hope Sith is a survivor too

Jules said...

I enjoyed my first proper coffee (outdoors) since lockdown this week. It tasted so good.
Keeping everything crossed for Sith cat. X

Tigger said...

Aren't cherries remarkable - we used to get local cherries in Norway too. That surprised me. We hope Sith's rebound is a prolonged one and have fingers and paws crossed or your all for examination day.