Sunday, 26 July 2020

More rain but I missed it.

DP has been like a bear with a sore head.  But today he did something that worked and his computer is now working ok.  I swear there is a gremlin in this house.

The Prom this afternoon.  Surf School in full swing.  It is interesting to see the kids coming on.

Quite a few boats.

They are all so enjoying the activity lovely to see.

Dyson came to inspect the Patio.  I have employed a new gardener who weeds (without chemicals).  So the nettles and thistles will be going.  We leave some for the butterfly larvae - nettles.  The Thistles are loved by the Goldfinch, but not by me.

Here is a young Goldfinch perfectly able to feed himself but still begging!

Finally the sunset tonight.

I found it quite amusing that the British Transport secretary will have to quarantine as he returns from his Spanish holiday.  


Chris said...

Thanks for the video of the goldfinch. I loved seeing him flapping his wings!

Mary Contrary said...

Must be cold for the kids surfing! A fabulous sunset again..

Ellen D. said...

Dyson is such a lovely bird! I enjoyed your pretty sunset pictures and of course, the boats! Especially the fourth photo of the red one. Thanks so much!

Jules said...

What a glorious sunset. There are gremlins in my house too :)

Tigger said...

Doesn't Dyson look magnificent in that setting (and perhaps he knows it).

SusanM said...

After loving all your photos of the beach and prom, we visited Fraserburgh last week. What a beautiful beach and prom area! I looked out for you but no sign of you. We saw the surf school and there were children 'sledging' down the dunes. Please keep posting your lovely photos.

mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful sunset and a stunning photo of Dyson.