Thursday, 9 July 2020

A Good Day.

Garden people came and the DP explained what we want.  Extension to a path.  Proper step for Sith cat to get through his cat door.  And - drum roll - a pond.  I now have the quote and as it is reasonable.  Said go.  

My Kia is booked in for its first service with my mate across the field.

And I have been doing some online retail therapy.

Art therapy ongoing.

Really pleased with my progress.

Wonky video of the Prom today.  Sound up if you want to hear the sea.

Crafty Cat.  Sith never shuts up.  We think he has the cat equivalent of Alzheimers.  Food put down.  Put cat in front of it.  Repeat.

Still haven't worked out why I can go and book a holiday but can't see my grandchildren.

So here is tonight's sunset.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

I have given up understanding the rules - we are now trying to plan Little L's 6th birthday - there won't be a children's party, family only this time but which family members do we invite and which do we have to leave out - tough call - someone is going to be upset! Painting is very good, I like the tonal colours of this one.

Bovey Belle said...

I am guessing you can form a bubble (new speak!) with one branch of your family, then every fortnight do the same with another branch,thus being able to see the grandchildren?

Love this latest painting of yours- your capture of the poses struck by the birds is lovely.

Mary said...

Thanks for the little bit of sea music. Now I just have to close my eyes and imagine being there.

Laurie said...

Online retail therapy, yes that’s very helpful lol, I enjoy a bit of that myself. I wish I could see your painting, I know it’s gulls because my husband explains the photos of the blogs I’m having read to me, He said you do beautiful work and I know you do. I can’t see my grand kids either, our small city is still in mostly lock down, just starting to open a few things, The rules are becoming all so complicated, take care,,

Anonymous said...

Can't see your grandchildren? Of course you can! You wrote in a previous post the new shielding guidelines (not that you take any notice of guidelines!) and you're able to visit them or they can visit you, staying overnight if you wish. It's not hard to understand. You are free to meet up with family. Go and look at what you've written and stop complaining about things that aren't true.

mamasmercantile said...

We are trying to work out the very same thing, we appear to be able to book a holiday but can't stay overnight at our daughters. I hope I am wrong.