Monday, 13 July 2020

Go forth and shop.

Text message from the government.  I can now enter shops, wearing  mask of course, from the 24th July.  Well I do not do shops and haven't before this pandemic for fear of catching a chest infection.  Each time I get a chest infection more damage is done to the lungs.  Last time they were tested I think it was 26% lung function.  The message also said they were hoping to stop shielding at the end of this month.

But I can do the Prom.

Today's visit was punctuated by heavy downpours of rain that bounced.

The Gull Gang.

I did my walk.

Passing the DP and photographic cronies planning their next jaunt.  

A fair bit of boat activity and the Lifeboat.

To add to my recent woes, now in the past, we have a telephone consultation with the vet tomorrow.  Concerns about Sith cat have not helped my reactions to certain comments.  Hey ho.  Now concentrating on him.

Thanks to all who kept me going these last few days and apologies for being such a wimp.  I know where the delete button is and will use it.  It was a bit worrying that woman changed her name when further commenting but still no access to a blog.  Enough.


The Happy Whisk said...

I've heard that about lungs and each time getting worse. I have ZERO interest in going to shoppes, out to eat or the movie house (at this time and no near time ahead either). No thank you!

I love that you went for your walk and your pictures are relaxing and beautiful!

Laurie said...

same rules here,, this friday stage two opening they call it,, you do amazingly well with such poor lung function, strong woman! Sorry to hear Sith cat is not doing well,

marlane said...

I am glad that you did decide to stay blogging as I read what you say everyday !! I noticed that the nasty commenter was partly incoherent as if they were drunk ?? Plus if you click on the name there is an email address with the full name of the person. Therefore it is quite possible t track that person and find out where they live and more.

Mary Contrary said...

Wonderful boat pics - I can almost breathe that sea air too!

crafty cat corner said...

Good for you Jill, keep going with what you like doing, blogging, taking your daily walk etc, don't let the idiots get to you.

Tigger said...

We will say some cat prayers for Sith cat. We hope you both stay well.

mamasmercantile said...

We got our letters yesterday from the government which makes the rules so much clearer to understand. It seems we are able to travel so we are making plans to see family in August. Glad you managed to get a walk along the prom, the weather has not been great here.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

We don't have any major health problems but we are not going out either - the odd safe shop if absolutely necessary and same of the garden centre. We are definitely not going out to spend, spend, spend - for one thing there is nothing we need and I don't feel I want to just spend money for the sake of it and if we did spend, spend, spend who would pay for our future care when we need it - I am sure it wouldn't be the government! The pub up the lane here is anything but safe from what we have seen - no social distancing going on there at all. Glad to see a post from you I was concerned the anon person had got to you. Stay safe and keep the prom photos coming.x
PS Hope Sith is OK and vet can sort him out.

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry Sith-cat isn't too clever right now. They are such a worry aren't they, and stress doesn't help asthma.

I was quite surprised to read that asthmatics are advised NOT to wear a mask - although we probably need protection more - but of course, they really do limit being able to breath! I tried wearing one for gardening in Times Of Pollen, but was left gasping for breath so that's a non-starter.

Maria said...

Wonderful pictures. Remind me of all the beauty of Scotland. Ignore, block, dele, trolls.
Carry on.

Carolina from Portuga,

Tracy said...

I don't often comment, but I always enjoy looking at your blog. I second every word that Briony says. X

Amanda said...

My state is pretty much open - and I'm "Are you kidding?" I go to the grocery now and then because the one that has the best produce does not do curb-side pickup and husband can't find diddly. Otherwise, I keep to myself and love the fact the library will let me order books and pick them up at the door. My heart goes out to you about Sith-cat. I am also dealing with an aging cat's growing infirmities - and the vet I've liked and trusted the most has retired. Can't blame him, he certainly earned it, but his timing for me is terrible. Bad enough to have to sit in the parking lot while they're looking at your 20 year old guy, but not to have that trusted voice right now...

terry said...

I was so glad to see your blog back up again.I really enjoy hearing about your day and seeing the beautiful sea and bird photos and pictures.I hope the kitty is better today.

Just Because said...

I hope that Sith is doing better. We had a black cat Sam that made it until Age 19!

I am in Midwest America and we are in Stage 2 also. I still am very careful as the numbers are ticking up.

I saw a meme yesterday that totally expresses how I feel.

"If we can just get through this month, we only have one more month to go before we need to get through another month"

Haha just sums it up eh?

Glad you are back to daily blogging. Love you sea pictures.