Wednesday 6 November 2019

Wednesday not windy!

The DP and I to the Prom.  I walked.  No wind, no rain, no sun either.  But ok.

The beautiful Fraserburgh beach and its inhabitants.

I bumped into an old friend who I haven't seen in ages.  We used to meet up at my framers and the three of us would sort out the world.  As you do.  One of the richest fisherman and owner of many boats.  He goes down in local history as losing his arm in a fishing accident threw the arm overboard and insisted on carrying on fishing.  Not sure about that one.  But he does only have one arm.  I like him.

A beautiful dog.  Saluki crossed with a lurcher I was informed.

The rubbish I picked up today.  False teeth - plastic.  In the bin.

Sith Cat where he should not be.  My bit of the bed.  He is to the vets tomorrow to be weighed in.  If he has not put on weight I am not sure what we can do as he continually asks for and is provided with food.  Then goes out and catches a mouse for dessert presumably.  Goodnight.  If I can shift the cat.


Jackie said...

Everything looks so very calm today. Glad you had a nice day for your trip to the prom.

God bless.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Halloween teeth?
Hope you got Sith Cat to move over to let you into bed!

Ellen D. said...

So nice the weather cooperated with you today! Lovely pictures! Well done!