Sunday, 3 November 2019


A slight improvement in the weather.  Still windy and raining but.... to the Prom.  I managed to the railings and back.

Took some photos.

Right, left and centre.  So windy still. 

The DP took the next two.

Here is a fishing boat going out to hunt.  So brave.  Enjoy your Cod.

There were no Surfers despite it being the Surfing Championships this weekend.  Cannot find anything on facebook as to what happened.  A chap on the Prom said they were all at Sandhaven.  We thought that a bit odd as it is a very rocky shore.  But we went to have a look.  No surfers.

Back home and the DP lit the Shedudio stove and fed the birds and then went off to meet our Labour candidate.  I don't do meetings at this time of year as there are too many colds and flu and people being brave, 'Oh its just a sniffle'..... really.  

On my way back to the house later I spotted this confused Lupin.  I did tell it it was November.

Today one of my grandsons became 4.

They are all in to Dinosaurs!

Good night.


Chris said...

Windy here too but not to the extent that you are having! Stay clear of all those bugs - I got my 'flu shot this week so should be good for the rest of the winter.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I am more used to fairies and princesses having two daughters and two granddaughters, but with my little grandson now I shall have to start looking at dinosaurs and diggers I expect. DH is already looking forward to the day he can go to Digger World!
That sea is definitely sea sick choppy. Perhaps too choppy for the surfers.

Jackie said...

Those poor fishermen braving the sea. It looks very rough.

God bless.

kjsutcliffe said...

My lads, when tiddlers, loved dinosaurs too - we had plushie-type toy T.rex and Diplodocus - they were the favourite cuddlies for a long time :)