Tuesday 19 November 2019


Bitterly cold.  Frost everywhere.  

The carer who seems to be the regular Tuesday one was late.  Don't get me wrong I really appreciate what the carers do but this one is never on time or anywhere near it.  Whereas all the others manage it.  Not sure whether I should say anything to the care company or not.

Regarding Saturday and the appointment for the Echocardiogram I am not stressed about the actual procedure or any results but its just getting there.  Its at least an hour travel to the hospital in Aberdeen.  Then parking.  Finding a loo - quickly!  Hey ho.

This afternoon of course it was the 10 minute drive to the Prom.

Two small boats.

One big boat.

Lots of seaweed.

Some of the Gull Gang were in there.

To the left were the Oystercatchers.

And Redshanks.

On our return I went into the Shedudio.  But it was so cold today the wood burner lit but I just did not get warm and so wanted to paint.  So an executive decision is I go solo on my trip to the Prom so the DP can light the stove so it warms the place before I return.  We shall see.  Looking forward to tomorrow.


Chris said...

That last paragraph sounds like a good plan. Hope to hear it works for you and the DP.

Terra said...

Could you change the time you tell the carer to come so that when she arrives late, she will arrive at the time you need her? Like if you need her at 10 a.m. ask her to be there at 9. Heh heh, devious I know. Just an idea.

Jackie said...

I hope you get to paint tomorrow.

God bless.

kjsutcliffe said...

I couldn't work out in my studio yesterday either - too cold, so resorted to returning to the house and sketching - not what I wanted to do nor what was needed to do, however I would just not have been warm enough and there not worked properly. Hopefully today will be a more productive day for both of us! xx

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry your studio was less than welcoming on your return from the Prom.

That sounds a long journey when you are not used to travelling so far afield. I hope there is a cafe or somewhere you can stop for the "Necessities" on the way. Keep warm.