Wednesday 27 November 2019

Medical mysteries.

This afternoon I had yet another blood test for liver/kidneys.  So I asked why.  "Well it could be due to some of the medication you take.  But your liver is up and your kidneys are down."  So they have to keep checking.  Mystery solved.  Not sure where up is or down.

To add to our woes the DP's last blood test on a routine b.p. check showed problems with his Prostate.  The GP said as he had no symptoms it was probably nothing but he had to refer him.  So today a letter - he has to go to ARI on Monday afternoon.  He is quite happy for me not to go with him as this is a consultation with a support nurse.  Support for what?  Future treatment?  He is totally laid back but of course I have gone big time anxiety.  So we went to the Prom.

Harvest Dawn battles her way into the harbour.

Nae a bad day.  It had rained overnight.  No wind.  No sun.  Lots of standing water.

Just the one Surfer - packing in.

Tide almost in.  So not a lot to see of the Gulls.

Just before we left the Prom three Oystercatchers landed.

Then it was back home.  I went in the Shedudio with the electric fan heater.  Watched the last birds of the day come for a feed.  That was it.  Darkness fell.  Back to the house.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

You will be wearing a groove soon to the infirmary - fingers crossed all is Ok with both of you. Your sea still quite choppy.

Chris said...

I felt squeamish just looking at the photos of the Harvest Dawn pitching and rising. I don't imagine the crew get seasick!

Jackie said...

What a long empty beach. Perfect for photographing.

God bless.

kjsutcliffe said...

I am finding that trying to fit in normal stuff (ie shopping/cooking/life) as well as doing art stuff - I very quickly run out of daylight, not that it is any good at the moment.x

Elaine said...

Do you have sea shells on your beach? I'm in Florida USA and our beaches have lots of shells. I went to California once and there weren't any shells on the beach. Very strange.